Because there is only so much time in a day, professionals need to be selective as they pick what meetings and events are worth their time as they plan their summer networking calendar 

Whatever activities they choose to engage in need to clearly give them the opportunity to make relationships worth investing in or will deliver clearly actionable business insight. 

As we begin the summer months, National Capital Dealbook surveys some of the ACG events that promise to be solid opportunities to build networks worth cultivating or get acquainted with new, relevant perspectives.

The most notable among these are perhaps the numerous panels taking place as part of this week’s ACG Member Summit, some of which are featured below: 

Lessons from Pro Football for the Boardroom

Coach Marc Trestman, who has led the Chicago Bears and back-to-back championship wins with the Montreal Alouettes, spoke with ACG members from across multiple chapters, sharing the insights on leadership that he learned over the course of his 30-year career in pro football. 

In addition to sharing his personal path to servant leadership and realizing the value of setting cultural “standards” on his teams, Trestman also recounted the chance run-in with the University of Miami coach that opened the door to his first coaching job, and to the 30-year career that followed. 

“There is no such thing as a coincidence,” Trestman told us. ““When someone enters your airspace, try to engage them,” because you don’t know what reason there might be for the two of you to cross paths.  “Find out!”  he urged.

For a recap of the event, click here

Tips on Securing COVID-19-Era Financing

Because of the number of shifts that the financial markets have taken since the onset of the pandemic, the conditions under which companies must seek financing have also changed, and business leaders need to know what those options are now and how that might change even further in the coming weeks and months. 

To help provide guidance on what lending terms could look like if lenders tighten up, or perhaps offer an assessment on how to handle renegotiation of current deals, the ACG Member Summit will bring together private equity experts to give you their take and to take questions. 

ACG National Capital’s NextGen Series Continues

ACG National Capital is continuing its series of educational sessions for promising young members of the corporate growth community, albeit virtually. 

Just as they have done in person, the series offers an intimate setting where young professionals can connect with established senior leaders and educate themselves on bedrock principles of the field.  For example, the upcoming July 21st NextGen event, will offer NextGen registrants the opportunity to download on acquisitions and deal financing from experienced members of the field. 

As Aaron Binstock, a Partner at Cooley LLP, and a past NextGen participant who now serves on ACG National Capital’s board and as a NextGen series speaker, said in a recent article, “it was a valuable platform to learn…and form relationships with peers early on in my career.  Members who have rising stars on their teams should strongly consider inviting them to participate.”

Guidance on How to Support Portfolio Companies

Unfortunately, with economic turbulence, many otherwise healthy businesses may struggle to sustain themselves.  To help PE managers think through how they can get their portfolio companies through to the other side of a downturn, the ACG Member Summit will host a panel of experienced investors from Plante Moran, Huron Capital, TSG Consumer, and Equity Group Investments. 

During their discussion they will walk through best practices, including thoughts on taking advantage of new opportunities that have arisen in the COVID-19 landscape and when it is necessary to rethink a portfolio company’s business model. 

Connecting One-on-One Through the Member Summit

Even though working a crowded room, shaking hands, and having a one-on-one conversation is no longer an option for summer networking, ACG members do have the opportunity to continue making these connections by scheduling one-on-one meetings with other members when they get together for the ACG Member Summit, which will bring together leaders from all of ACG’s chapters.  Throughout the three days of planned virtual sessions, members will have access to a scheduling tool that will enable them to talk to another specific member one-on-one in a private setting to talk about their businesses and potential collaborations.