Regardless of what else the world is facing, business in the National Capital region continues on.  As it does so, we are reminded that a crucial part of doing business is building connections with other dealmakers and corporate leaders with a proven track record of growth.  In short, a community that’s worth connecting to

In this vein, this edition of National Capital Dealbookfeatures exclusively business deals and transactions from within ACG National Capital’s member and sponsor community—and just in the past two weeks alone. 

Transformation Systems, Inc. Wins Department of Labor Employee Coaching Contract

Based on the company’s LEAP Program, Transformation Systems, Inc. (TSI) will work with employees at the Department of Labor ‘s Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), offering coaching and professional development services that will help the office better use its people’s talents to meet agency goals. 

TSI, which is led by former ACG National Capital Board of Director member Marta Wilson, has a longstanding record of this kind of coaching and helping to instill wider organizational goals in its employees’ day-to-day objectives.

Xator Corporation Acquires InCadence Strategic Solutions

Expanding its portfolio of military command, control, communications, and computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions, Xator announced its acquisition of InCadence Strategic Solutions.  InCadence, whose counsel on the transaction was Cooley LLP and is headquartered in Manassas, brings Xator its stable of biometric and communications products. 

Moreover, the deal is a proof point for guidance that Kipps DeSanto, another InCadence advisor on the deal, offered up. 

“Despite market turbulence,” the firm said in a statement, “M&A deals are still being completed between experienced industry buyers and well-positioned, highly coveted targets,” and this is especially true for firms that have “highly differentiated solutions” and “proprietary tools and technologies” that have shown strong and tenured performance in the past. 

Military Continues to Make Purchases to Maintain Mission Readiness

Global pandemic or not, the military has been working to maintain its forces’ readiness and its ability to answer any threat to national security. 

Part of that effort is continuing to invest in capabilities that enhance the warfighter’s ability to train in a simulated, or live virtual, and constructive (LVC) environment when doing so in the real world is either not possible or prohibitively expensive. 

To that end, the U.S. Navy’s Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division has awarded Alion Science and Technology with a five-year, $49 million contract to help it design and implement LVC training environments for its surface vessel and airborne platforms. 

MAG Aerospace Acquires Additional C4ISR Assets

Continuing to show the potential for deals in the defense industry, MAG Aerospace entered into a definitive agreement to purchase AAKSI Technology, which sells C4ISR solutions to government and private sector customers. 

Not only does this transaction again show the growth potential and the opportunity for deals in the government contracting sphere, it also shows the reach of the ACG National Capital community, with Baird, Holland & Knight, and Cooley LLP—each home to ACG members—serving as advisors to the deal’s two parties.