Social distancing and “work from home” environments have now become the new routine for so many of our members and for professionals across the National Capital region.

In addition to the challenge of maintaining productivity in this new reality, what this has also meant is that events and other opportunities for connecting with your fellow corporate growth professionals and gathering best practices has been severely hampered. 

To help you answer that need, Corporate Growth…Capital Style is here as a resource to help make sure that you still have some of those opportunities, even as you work from home.

With a catalogue of content from proven thought leaders across numerous industries and recaps of dozens of fireside chats, panels, and speeches, this edition of National Capital Dealbook – the “Work From Home” Edition – highlights just some of the insights you can access without ever taking off those PJs you’ve been wearing for the past two weeks straight.

Marta Wilson Outlines the Characteristics of a Successful Business Leader

Dr. Marta Wilson, a former member of ACG National Capital’s board of directors and CEO of Transformational Systems Inc. (TSI), previewed her new book, LEAP: Master Your Superpowers, Soar to the Leading Edge for her fellow ACG National Capital members.  In her article, she discusses how a leader can exercise organizational mastery, understanding how they can integrate their people, products, and processes, to “unleash your inner superhero” and drive company performance. 

Moreover, this is simply the latest in a long line of thought leadership that Dr. Wilson has shared over the years.  To dig even deeper into the wisdom she has, click here

3 Questions to Ask Before a Prospective Transformational Merger or Acquisition. 

Any merger or acquisition deserves a great deal of due diligence and deliberation, and many different factors ought to be part of that decision-making process. 

Four seasoned corporate growth pros agreed on three that should be on that list:

  • Does their company culture fit with ours?
  • Does this company have organic growth?
  • Is the market in a good place for this kind of deal?

For more details, read on here.

Ten Things to Do When Selling a Business

When selling a closely-held business, owners should make sure that they’re doing everything they can to make the sale as smooth as possible and to make sure that they are getting everything they can out of it.

Scott Meza, a Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, shares ten best practices from his and his firm’s experience with these kinds of transactions, including how to assemble your M&A teams, what you should evaluate – and perhaps change – within the business, and what to look for in the deal itself. 

Read the full list here.