The deadline for nominating a company or business leader for the 18th annual Corporate Growth Awards is March 26, 2020. That will be the last opportunity to nominate a notable company, executive or deal team from the National Capital Region to be recognized and honored with the area’s preeminent business award. 

Winning a Corporate Growth Award—or even being nominated for one—is an excellent way of showcasing what a company does well and increasing brand recognition among leading growth professionals and dealmakers in the National Capital region.

To learn more about the annual Corporate Growth Awards, find out who should be nominated and identify the potential benefits of getting nominated for and winning a Corporate Growth Award, we recently sat down with Don Irwin, Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Private Bank and a Chair of this year’s Corporate Growth Awards.

This is what he had to say:

Corporate Growth…Capital Style (CGCS): What are the Corporate Growth Awards? What kinds of companies and individuals should people look to nominate?

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Don Irwin: The Corporate Growth Awards recognize the best and brightest business leaders and companies in the National Capital region. The nominees are honored and the winners are announced each year at the Corporate Growth Awards black tie gala.

We live in one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.  We also benefit from a strong and active Association for  Corporate Growth chapter.  The companies that are nominated for and win Corporate Growth Awards exemplify the strength of the region’s business community.

This year marks the 18th annual Corporate Growth Awards gala, which celebrates the successful accomplishments of high growth companies, their founders and transaction teams. 

When considering which individuals or companies to nominate for Corporate Growth Awards, we encourage the nomination of any regional business or business leader that that has successfully identified and executed on a winning growth strategy in the past year. This can be a business leader or company that has driven tremendous organic growth, or one that has made a shrewd and transformative acquisition to grow their business.

CGCS: How are finalists and winners chosen? What are the criteria for selecting a winner?

Don Irwin: Over a nearly six-month process, the awards gala committee reviews nominations across ten categories.  These categories are divided between transactions and growth nominations based upon deal size and revenue, respectively.  There are also categories to recognize deal teams. 

Given our robust business community, nominees and finalists span a range of industries. 

Once all nominations are submitted, the awards gala committee will review and select finalists for each category.  From that point forward a group of independent judges will evaluate the finalists and select a winner.  Our gala committee and judges reflect a diversity of industries and the diversity of our business community. 

CGCS: What do you think are some of the benefits of getting nominated for a Corporate Growth Award?  Why is being chosen as a winner – or even a finalist – good for an executive or business?

Don Irwin: There are numerous benefits in becoming a nominee, finalist and potential winner.  Leading up to the gala, there is a tremendous amount of publicity generated by ACG, so this is a great way to put a spotlight on a company.  At the gala itself, attendance is high, so being introduced as a nominee, finalist or a winner all can generate more positive publicity as well. 

After the event there is continued publicity too.  Finalists and winners have shared with us that positive publicity helps with employee satisfaction, recruiting and brand awareness, and it serves as a way to acknowledge the success of a company in the region.  Over the years we have found that being a nominee, finalist or a recognized executive or deal team serves as a strong endorsement.

CGCS: In your opinion, why is the Corporate Growth Awards gala a must attend event?

Don Irwin: Without question, this Gala is a must attend event.  Tickets and tables sell out quickly.  The event draws 400 to 500 notable companies and business leaders, so it will be a great opportunity to network with the top tier of our region’s corporate growth executives, including all of the exceptional companies and leaders that have been nominated for a Corporate Growth Award.

If you are looking to be in the middle of business activity and deal flow – this is the event to attend!

CGCS: Lastly, who can submit nominations to the selection committee?

Don Irwin: Nominations can be submitted by the company or executive or their advisors who might know them best.  Nomination descriptions can be found on the ACG website.  If you also know of a company that you feel should be honored feel free to fill out a nomination form and reach out to ACG so they can also guide you on your questions and next steps.

To submit a Corporate Growth Award nomination, click HERE.