As many speakers and demonstrators at the Washington Technology Showcase (WTS) have told us, IoT and 5G are becoming more and more commonplace as the technology improves and the supporting infrastructure expands to cover more and more of the country. 

What this also means though, is that there is a need for operators of IoT or 5G networks to understand and monitor the wireless signals on which they operate in as close to real time as possible, and this is where companies like DeepSig could bring a vital service to market.  Through their product lines, which use deep artificial intelligence that can work 1000 times faster than conventional means to process signals, DeepSig could vastly improve the efficiency and quality of IoT and 5G services. 

Because of how innovative their solutions are and the wide range of use cases – which range from commercial to military – DeepSig is a natural fit among the speakers and innovators who were at the Washington Technology Showcase, a must-attend event for anyone in the National Capital region’s tech ecosystem, whether you are a technologist looking for investors and partners or a growth professional looking for ways to capitalize on the explosive growth of AI, 5G, or IoT. 

We spoke with the DeepSig’s CEO, Jim Shea to get a fuller sense of the value that DeepSig can add to these emerging technologies, and to find out why WTS was a must-attend event. 

Here is how that conversation went:

Jim Shea

Corporate Growth, Capital Style (CGCS): Tell us about DeepSig!  What types of products does the company offer?  What makes them groundbreaking? Unique?

Jim Shea: DeepSig is fundamentally changing the way wireless systems operate by replacing signal processing algorithms with deep learning artificial intelligence.  Our first software product, OmniSIG, detects and classifies wireless signals up to 1000 times faster than traditional algorithms and can be retrained to understand new signals in a matter of hours rather than weeks of engineering time.  Our second product, OmniPHY, applies deep learning to 5G, IoT, and other wireless signals to improve quality of service and dramatically reduce power consumption.

CGCS: When you talk about deep learning in wireless signal processing, what actionable insights are customers getting out of your product families? 

Jim Shea: OmniSIG lets customers see nearly instantaneously what is happening in the wireless spectrum and take action.  This can range from enabling a cellular operator experiencing dropped calls to find sources of interference to public safety or defense forces that need to detect hostile activity.  OmniPHY enables wireless systems to operate through interference and distortion and pack more users into limited spectrum while reducing power consumption and hardware costs.

CGCS: Why are these analyses particularly important in the fields that your customers are in?

Jim Shea: To date, wireless has been a bit of a black art relying on theoretical models and limited real-world measurements.  Deep Learning AI drastically changes this by moving to data-driven learning technology that allows customers to see what is happening in the wireless environment so that they can optimize performance and detect threats.  This capability is imperative for 5G and IoT to scale to billions of devices while maintaining reliability and security.

CGCS: DeepSig seems like a company that should be based in Silicon Valley. Why build the company here?

Jim Shea: While Silicon Valley is an epicenter for machine learning and venture capital, DC is actually a very strong area in applied signal processing talent and applications. By focusing on revolutionary wireless signal processing technologies for commercial and government applications, we have found a strong demand and talented set of individuals in the Washington, DC area.  Like most technology companies, we go wherever talent is located and have some very strong team members based in Silicon Valley, Texas, and Boston. 

CGCS: DeepSig presented at the Washington Technology Showcase (WTS). Why was it important for DeepSig to attend this event? What was the company looking to get out of its participation?

Jim Shea: We have pioneered the basic science and the state-of-the-art software implementations revolutionizing wireless systems using machine learning and AI.  We are excited to showcase our capabilities and the maturity of our technology to other companies and organizations present to show what is really possible now.  Our goal is to connect with partner organizations who can benefit from enhanced visibility into their wireless systems and environments and connect with investors and strategic advisors who can help us scale and maximize our impact on the entirety of the wireless ecosystem.