Now that the turkey has been eaten, the family football game has been played, and an uneasy truce has been brokered following intense political discussions with extended family, it’s time to get back to business. Luckily, Corporate Growth, Capital Style (CGCS) has just the way to ease you back in before next week’s Washington Technology Showcase – a very special edition of the National Capital Dealbook. 

This year’s Showcase will be particularly exciting and right at the technological edge, featuring the many growth opportunities that advances in IoT, 5G and AI make possible in the National Capital region.

There is ample reason why corporate growth professionals and dealmakers should attend. Industry leaders will be sharing intelligence on future opportunities, tech innovators will be demonstrating and looking for investors and partners, and as always, it will be an excellent forum to connect with like-minded senior executives. 

To give you a better idea of the potential that IoT, 5G and AI innovation could have for the business community here in the National Capital region, CGCS has profiled several of the companies and leaders who will be featured at the Showcase over the past few weeks.

If you need any more reason to register to attend before the Monday deadline, we’ve rounded up our extensive coverage of the speakers and demonstrators to show you what you can expect when you check in on Thursday.

Washington’s Unique Advantages as a Tech Hub

Dr. Charles Clancy, Vice President for Intelligence Programs for MITRE, will discuss key synergies between the National Capital region’s budding technology sector and its traditional roots in government service. This is to say that because of the “deep federal roots” in the area, the DC metro area is uniquely positioned to tie technological innovation and a skilled workforce to defense priorities and other areas of strategic national importance.

Leverege Shows How IoT Solutions can Improve Profit Margins

Eric Conn, CEO and Co-Founder at Leverege, which designs IoT solutions that help businesses streamline their operations and realize cost savings, discusses how IoT capabilities like asset tracking and remote monitoring can provide a proven return on investment and how those capabilities will only become more widespread as associated costs decrease.  To reinforce the point, he shared how his company’s solutions led to big operational savings for Mannheim auto auctions, one of the world’s largest vehicle wholesalers.

Firmware Security as a Business Opportunity

As the IoT includes more and more devices, Terry Dunlap, who co-founded ReFirm Labs, talked to CGCS about how the operating systems that run everything from WiFi routers to most automobiles is vulnerable to cyberattack.  Citing ReFirm’s findings that many Chinese-made devices have intentional backdoors placed into firmware, Mr. Dunlap made a case for why, in the age of ubiquitous IoT devices, another layer of firmware security is necessary.

Solutions Needed to Tame the “Internet Wild West”

Manu Fontaine, CEO of Hushmesh, touched on the vast need to secure and encrypt IoT solutions as more and more devices in the average household or business are connected to the internet.  To that end, Mr. Fontaine stressed how his company is answering the demand for the creation of a “trust infrastructure” that could guarantee user safety in our increasingly connected world. 

boodleAI Illustrates the Value of Predictive Analytics in Business Development

France Hoang, boodleAI’s Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer, will be demonstrating his company’s predictive analytic solution at WTS, which helps organizations identify high-quality sales prospects.  As he discusses in his CGCS interview, AI-powered analytics is broadly applicable across industries, and in step with that, demonstrates just how much these emerging technologies could disrupt how we do business.

MITRE Focuses on the Potential Public-Private Synergies

Dr. Mikel Rodriguez, a Computer Vision Researcher at MITRE, will share his expert insight on what opportunities are to be had with advances in AI.  Dr. Rodriguez emphasizes how WTS ,and the National Capital region writ large, benefits from the “densest concentration of federally funded research and development,” how that may result in technologies with broader applications, and how those innovations are a “rich source of potential new business opportunities.”

Verizon and RSM Talk will Discuss New Opportunities that come with 5G

Previewing his discussion with Sanyogita Shamsunder, PhD, Vice President, 5G Ecosystems and Innovation at Verizon, Kurt Shenk, Senior Manager, Technology Senior Analyst at RSM, suns through some of the innovative technical solutions that businesses can bring to bear if they can harness the lower latency and higher download speeds that come with 5G connectivity. 

All these experts and more will be in attendance on Thursday and ready to make connections and help build the DC tech community.  Join them and many more speakers and demonstrators and register before the Monday deadline.