boodleAI lives in a unique corner of the market. Although other technology companies may be able to offer AI-based insights on potential donors and customers, boodleAI goes a step further and tells organizations not only which people are the best targets, but also provides intelligence into who they are and what the best way to approach them would be. 

In doing this, boodleAI has helped nonprofit organizations grow their community of donors and supporters and make the most of their dedicated development dollars. Now, by expanding into the commercial sector with guidonAI, its product for B2C businesses, the company is poised to reach an even wider audience.

With such an innovative technology as this, it makes sense that the company’s Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer, France Hoang, would want to demonstrate its product at Washington Technology Showcase.

The Washington Technology Showcase gives boodleAI and other innovative solutions providers in the National Capital region an opportunity to come together with other entrepreneurs, investors, and enablers that could help them reach the next step in their growth plans. 

To talk about why they boodleAI particularly is excited to attend and exhibit at Washington Technology Showcase, and to learn more about the company’s story, we sat down with France, and this is what he had to say:

Corporate Growth, Capital Style (CGCS): Tell us a little about boodleAI.  What services does it offer and why is it such a unique offering?

France Hoang: boodleAI is disrupting how organizations find key people in notoriously noisy industries. We take endless prospect lists and find the “hidden gems” an organization might otherwise miss.


Our platform finds the best consumers, donors, or investors in any prospect list.  boodleAI uses the data organizations already have and combines it with billions of third-party data points to create an enriched data set packed with potential insights. Then, our predictive analytics engine uses machine learning to build organization-specific models to dramatically improve their fundraising, sales, and retention efforts. 

What makes our platform different? It scores, ranks, and segments key prospects from any database. Unlike existing engines, ours is focused specifically on B2C predictive lead scoring. It took our developers years to produce our proprietary, patent-pending AI engine, and there’s no other like it.

Other applications that make predictions rely on how contacts “behave” or “respond” to your marketing and sales efforts. We go much further and predict not only what kinds of people are right for your organization, but we can give you insights into who they are and how best to approach. Finally, other B2C analytic platforms need a physical mailing address of all your contacts, and in our increasingly digital world that can be hard to find. We don’t. All we need is a name and an email address, and we take it from there.

CGCS: Why are nonprofits in need of a predictive analytic solution?  What need do they have that for-profit enterprises do not have?

France Hoang: We love working with our nonprofit customers because they are mission-oriented people. Their fundraising budgets are often slim because they want to devote every dollar available to furthering their mission—which means they have make every dollar spent on fundraising count.

Predictive analytics takes the guesswork out of those decisions by leveraging past data to make predictions about the future.  We multiply the value of every dollar spent by nonprofits on fundraising by making sure only the most valuable, likely donors are approached.  This also means you don’t have to spam large groups and simply hope to reach a diamond in the rough.

CGCS: As such an innovative technology company, boodleAI seems like a company that should be based in Silicon Valley. Why build the company here in the National Capital region? What about this area makes it a good fit?

France Hoang: I’ve served on the founding teams of other successful companies in the area, so I’m bullish on DC as a place where entrepreneurs can thrive.  DC’s secret sauce is an overflowing pool of talented, driven people who can innovate and get things done. 

As a company we also greatly value service, whether it came with the military, philanthropies, or various government agencies. Character is incredibly important to our culture and the type of person who puts others before themselves as a career choice is sending strong signals that they’d fit in with our team. The DC area is an unequivocal nexus for these types of individuals.

CGCS: Why is it important for boodleAI’s growth strategy to demonstrate at the Washington Technology Showcase (WTS)? What is the company looking to get out of interacting with other technologists and corporate growth professionals there?

France Hoang: First, other innovation hubs have succeeded because they have communities of entrepreneurs, investors, and enablers that work together to create, nurture, and scale great companies.  boodleAI is still in the early stage of initial sales and revenue, but we want to be a part of and contribute to the DC innovation community. 

CGCS: What do you think attendees can expect at the WTS? Why types of people and organizations do you think could benefit from attending? What will they get out of it?

France Hoang: WTS attendees can expect to see companies that represent an impressive cross-section of DC technology innovation.  Anyone and any organization that cares about strengthening the fabric of our innovation and entrepreneurial community should attend. 

As discussed in the previous question, a true tech hub is a thriving community with many contributors who help one another. Whether you’re looking for access to capital, or a big idea to invest in, WTS offers the remaining pieces you need to create, maintain, or expand a successful business.

For addition information about the Washington Technology Showcase, click HERE.