In two weeks, ACG National Capital will have its annual golf event at River Creek Club. And, like in years past, not only will it be an excellent opportunity to hit the links and network with your fellow ACG members and sponsors, it will also be a golden opportunity to support the Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network.

As, “veterans serving veterans,” the mission of the Veteran Staffing Network is to help military veterans make the jump from active duty to civilian employment: counseling them on how their rigorous training and skills translate to the civilian job market and connecting them with employers. The Veteran Staffing Network also works directly with employers, educating them on the value of military experience and skill sets, something which has been an issue of concern for the Department of Labor for years.

To get a sense of how the Veteran Staffing Network team has driven success for veterans in the National Capital region, we spoke with David Muir, Easterseals’ Senior Vice President, Veteran Staffing Network. During our discussion, we heard about just a few of the thousands of success stories from their work, and talked about how ACG members can help more veterans find fruitful employment and success.

Here is what he had to say:

Corporate Growth…Capital Style (CGCS): Why is Easterseals’ veteran staffing network such a special initiative? What unique needs do veterans returning to the workforce have and how does Easterseals help meet those needs?

David Muir

David Muir: In 2013, we launched the Veteran Staffing Network (VSN) to ensure that veterans and military spouses have the coaching and support they need to secure long-term employment. Employment training for veterans has historically been funded by government dollars and grants which can restrict who accesses the training, where it is delivered, and how frequently.

Our innovative business model ensures that all veterans and military spouses who need our services have access to them.

The VSN helps service members and their families cross the cultural chasm from military to civilian employment by identifying transferrable skills, where those skills fit into the workforce and how to engage civilian employers in meaningful ways.

The VSN also supports employers with coaching and training to understand the importance of military experience and skills sets, and how our job candidates can contribute to their business success.    

CGCS: What success stories has Easterseals’ work with veterans in the region brought about?

David Muir: Nearly 10,000 veterans, military spouses, National Guardsmen, reservists, and Wounded Warriors have been coached, and over 2,300 candidates have been placed in meaningful jobs and on a path to long-term success and financial security. We are proud of the success of each of these individuals.

Just to name one example, we recently worked with Lewis, a Navy veteran who has had trouble adjusting back to civilian life for 26 years, but has been able to, with Easterseals’ help, get certified as a trucker, a profession he’s always wanted to be a part of. And so many of the veterans that we work with can share similar stories.

CGCS: ACG National Capital’s annual golf tournament will be held in support of your organization. Are there any specific new programs or initiatives that the money raised will help support?

David Muir: We are very grateful for ACG’s support and the contributions of the tournament participants. All funds raised from the tournament will help us provide access to our self-paced online training program and one-on-one career coaching and job placement services to more veterans who need our help to find the right job to be successful.

CGCS: Lastly, what can our members expect on the day of?

David Muir: Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network staff will be at the event to answer questions and share information about how members can support the program or partner with the VSN to hire highly qualified and committed veteran candidates for their businesses. More information is also available at

To find out more about the Veteran Staffing Network, click here. To register for the golf tournament, which is requested by October 10th, click here.