As companies continue to operate and grow, their executives are often faced with difficult choices that can fundamentally change their company’s culture, drive revenue, and ultimately impact its future prospects. Careful construction and execution of a growth strategy, and the decisions made along the way, are what separate the successful companies that vie for Corporate Growth Awards from those that fail.

Is now the right time to bring on an investment partner? Is it time to sell the company or to acquire and expand into another line of business? Or is now the time to reinvest in the existing business and allow the business to expand naturally?

All of these are hard questions for a growth professional faced with the uncertainty of the future.

Mehul Sanghani

At this month’s chapter meeting, ACG National Capital is very excited to be hosting a leader who has stood at those crossroads and has proven time and again that he has made the right call for his company—Mehul Sanghani, CEO of Octo Consulting, a government contracting firm specializing in IT solutions.

A business leader who has won or been nominated for multiple GovCon Executive of the Year Awards helming an enterprise that is itself a serial award winner, Mr. Sanghani will share some of Octo’s growth story with members and guests on Friday, and part of what that will include is how he navigated important decisions in the life of the company—inflection points like taking on a private equity partner and acquiring a smaller company after being so glowingly recognized for innovative leadership in the government contracting sector and a decade of solid growth.

So what does all that mean for your business? What can you learn from his decades of experience—both at Octo’s helm and as a senior leader at Gartner?

Join us Friday to find out.

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