If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, you are most likely impacted in some way by the ongoing government shutdown. Whether you’re a government employee working without pay, a furloughed government employee, or a government contractor – the shutdown has had some effect on your life.

Although the federal workforce is distributed across much of our great country, the federal government is still the National Capital region’s largest employer. And with the headquarters and main offices for so many of the government’s agencies located here, the region is also home to a large number of companies that either serve the government exclusively, or that count government agencies and organizations among their largest clients.

With the government directly involved in much of the business done in Washington, D.C., It’s safe to say that this region is among the hardest hit by the shutdown.

Unfortunately, the ongoing fight over how best to use the nation’s budget dollars doesn’t appear likely to end anytime soon. The underlying issues keeping Congress from passing a spending bill that will reopen the government don’t appear to be going away, and both sides of the aisle seem entrenched in their positions – which could only serve to extend this shutdown well into the future.

If we are – in fact – slated for a prolonged budget fight and a shutdown that extends well beyond any in previous history, there are bound to be companies in our region with a lot of challenges and even more questions. They may be wondering:

  • How the shutdown will impact us financially?
  • What impact will the shutdown have on our contracts?
  • How will a shutdown impact our employees and their compensation?

To answer these questions and more, the National Capital Chapter of ACG will be holding a “Shutdown Playbook” interactive discussion featuring a number of the area’s leading executives and experts. The discussion will be moderated by Terry McGovern, the CFO of Easy Dynamics Corp., who will be joined by:

  • J.D. Kuhn, the CFO of SalientCRGT
  • Richard Pineda, the President of CALIBRE
  • Kara Ariail, a Partner in Holland & Knight’s Labor, Employment and Benefits Group
  • Lauren Friend McKelvey, a Shareholder at Odin, Feldman & Pittleman experienced in bankruptcy, intellectual property and technology law

Together, these experts will walk through many of the questions facing businesses in the National Capital region, and work to help them lay out a strategy for overcoming this historic shutdown.