On Friday, September 14, Alan Dabbiere – a serial entrepreneur and expert in security and data privacy – will be appearing to address the ACG National Capital membership and their guests. During this September Monthly Meeting, Alan will be talking about something that he’s uniquely qualified to discuss – the importance of data privacy and the implications of data privacy on companies. And that’s an extremely important topic for this day and age.The concept of privacy has evolved rapidly in the past few years thanks in large part to technology. Gaining private and personal information about someone involved some George McFly-esque chicanery just a decade or so ago. Now, much of that same information can be gained from in front of a keyboard by hacking someone’s Apple Cloud.

The result? Privacy has become an extremely hot topic. In fact, it’s been all over the news.

You invariably saw as Facebook was dragged across the coals in the court of public opinion – and the chambers of Congress – thanks in large part to playing fast and loose with people’s personal information (and turning a blind eye towards some shady election-time activities).

You also may have heard the acronym, GDPR, on multiple occasions in the news cycle recently, even if you were unfamiliar with what it meant. GDPR is short for the General Data Protection Regulation, and it’s a set of regulations and requirements established by the European Union (EU) to help give citizens more control and protection over their data.

Regardless of where you live or who you are, data privacy should be a concern and extremely important to you. And, as a business leader, protecting your customer’s data should be a top priority for your business. However, you may be concerned with how to do it, where to start and what you’re required to do to keep your customer’s data safe.

And this is why Alan’s participation in the upcoming Monthly Meeting is so timely and important. Alan will be talking specifically about data privacy, how its impacting people and how companies are affected. And there are very few folks more qualified to do so.

Who is Alan Dabbiere?
Alan Dabbiere is a serial entrepreneur, active community leader and Co-Chairman of OneTrust.  OneTrust is the leading and fastest growing privacy management software platform used by more than 1,500 global organizations to assist them in complying with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR and Privacy Shield.

However, Alan is more than just a privacy expert and the Co-Chairman of one of the leading privacy management companies, he has an extensive background of starting technology and security companies.

Alan’s commercial successes include two software companies he founded employing over 2000 people each, and he has more than 20 years of experience in building successful software companies. He holds more than 25 patents or patent applications on supply chain, logistics and enterprise mobility software.

Prior to his work with OneTrust, Alan founded and was Chairman of AirWatch, the largest Enterprise Mobility Management provider in the world, where he helped to navigate the company’s sale to VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, for $1.54 billion.

Alan also previously founded Manhattan Associates, the world’s leading supply-chain execution software company, and he served as president and CEO from 1990 through 2000. Today, Manhattan Associates is the global leader with more than 1,200 customers, 2,500 employees and over $500 million in revenue.

Alan is no stranger to data security and data privacy. He’s also no stranger to starting, running, growing and selling successful businesses – and what’s required to do so. His discussion with the ACG National Capital membership about data security and data privacy couldn’t come at a better time. And his experience as a corporate leader and veteran of corporate growth makes him the perfect person to describe how the complex challenge of data privacy impacts today’s companies.

To register to hear Alan Dabbiere speak at the September Monthly Meeting, click HERE.