ACG Monthly Meetings have long been admired for their ability to bring some of the region’s smartest and most successful business minds to their membership to share business best practices, regale them with anecdotes of business success and failure, and provide lessons that they’ve learned doing business in one of the country’s most prosperous, but competitive economies.

And the November Monthly Meeting, which will involve Matt Calkins, Founder and CEO of Appian, being interviewed by ACG Board President, Tim Moore, will be no different.

For our readers who are unfamiliar with Appian, they’re a provider of a Low-Code Business Process Management (BPM) software platform that is essential for modern businesses that are looking to digitize their processes and supercharge their operations.

Matt Calkins founded Appian at age 26 and has run the business since then. He’s active in Virginia government, the author of three boardgames, and winner of several game design awards.

Companies of all sizes and across all industries are rushing to implement new applications to assist with all of their operations. Whether it’s payroll management, or supply chain management, or making financing decisions, they’re looking to embrace the next generation technologies that can utilize their organization’s available data to expedite their processes and help them work more effectively.

Appian’s platform is capable of helping them develop and implement these new applications quickly and efficiently thanks in large part to its low-code development approach that makes it easy for companies to build enterprise-grade applications. This platform decreases the time-to-market for new applications, and also helps companies break their data out of the silos that used to be created by independent, legacy systems.

The company’s incredible platform, and the current demand for it across enterprises, drove Appian to impressive growth. That growth culminated in the launch of their extremely successful IPO in May of this year.

The company hit the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol APPN with a $75 million initial public offering with their shares priced at $12. That day, shares closed more than 25 percent higher at just over $15 a share. Today, Appian shares are trading at more than $22 a share.

Appian was one of a handful of successful technology IPOs in 2017, and is an incredible local technology success story for the National Capital region.

During the upcoming Monthly Meeting, you can anticipate that Appian’s growth, its IPO and the lessons that Mr. Calkins learned during the process will be major topics of discussion. It will be an incredible learning opportunity for ACG members and guests.

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