Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the emerging technologies that has the potential to drastically change how the government, healthcare organizations, and other industries operate. That’s why this year’s Washington Technology Showcase will focus on ways that AI is being used across the government and industry and some of the challenges they face despite its advantages.

This will be the second year in a row ACG National Capital and MITRE Corp will host the Washington Technology Showcase. The event, Trusting Artificial Intelligence in the National Security and Healthcare Domains, will be held on October 25, from 7:30AM-12:30PM at MITRE Corp. MITRE operates as a strategic partner with industry and academia to take on technology challenges in the military, law enforcement, healthcare and other environments.

The action-packed schedule includes a keynote delivered by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe as well as sessions led by government and industry leaders covering best practices on getting AI from the drafting board to the end user. Moderated discussions entitled “Trusting AI in the Healthcare Domain” and “Trusting AI in the National Security Domain” will also be held along with sessions on innovative ideas.

The panels and sessions will be followed by demonstrations to include emerging technologies such as a digital copilot, automatic cyber dependency mapping, building effective machine learning for cybersecurity, tools for patient and medication safety, and more.

Register for the Washington 2017 Showcase here.