This Friday, June 23, 2017, Anup Ghosh, the Founder and CEO of endpoint security solution provider, Invincea, will be addressing the ACG National Capital membership at the June Monthly Meeting. During his speech, Mr. Ghosh will discuss the founding of an enormously successful security company, its growth, and its eventual sale for a reported $100 Million.

Mr. Ghosh founded Invincea to help address the rapidly growing zero-day security threat from nation states, cyber criminals and rogue actors. Invincea’s flagship product – X by Invincea – uses deep learning neural networks and behavioral monitoring to detect previously unseen malware and stops attacks before damage occurs.


The company’s solutions have been consistently ranked as among the best performing machine learning, signature-less next-generation endpoint technologies in third-party testing and rated highly both for high detection and low false-positive rates. In fact, its solutions were named a finalist for the 2016 SC Magazine Trust Award for Best Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection.

Invincea’s advanced endpoint security solutions are in great demand at a time when stopping security threats is of paramount importance at the highest levels of leadership across virtually every large company and enterprise – regardless of industry or market. Recent security breaches and attacks – including the Wannacry ransomware attack – have shown executives that a successful cyberattack can be both costly and damaging to a company and its brand.

This need for advanced security solutions has led to Invincea’s solutions being deployed in some of the most targeted networks in the world. And this success and wide adoption of Invincea’s solutions is what ultimately led to their acquisition by Sophos (LSE:SOPH), a global leader in network and endpoint security.

Sophos acquired Invincea from its current shareholders for a cash consideration of $100 million with a $20 million earn-out. As per the conditions of the deal, Sophos retained the company’s office in Fairfax and Invincea CEO Anup Ghosh and COO Norm Laudermilch joined Sophos in key leadership positions.

When asked about the acquisition, Mr. Ghosh said, “Joining forces with Sophos presents the perfect opportunity to take our proven, advanced technology to a global audience and make it part of a comprehensive synchronized security system. Sophos is leading the industry in adopting and bringing to market this disruptive new vision for complete, advanced, and integrated security, and we are delighted to join the team and help make it happen.”

To hear Anup Ghosh discuss the founding of Invincea, the growth strategies that made the company a success and lessons learned from the acquisition by Sophos, be sure to register for this Friday’s monthly meeting. Additional details and online registration are available HERE.