Tiffany HoseyA rapidly expanding ecosystem of wearables, mobile devices, sensors and other network-connected devices – coupled with the movement towards digitizing all information – has created an environment where enterprises across all industries and markets have mountains of data at their disposal. This phenomenon has been coined, Big Data, and it creates an interesting set of opportunities and challenges for companies.

Although Big Data has many companies scrambling for the best ways to aggregate, store, share and analyze the digital information available to them, it’s also opening the door to capabilities and benefits that simply didn’t exist before. Through the analysis of this information, it’s possible to gain valuable insights into their business and operations, find ways to optimize activities and even make more data-driven – and resultingly effective – decisions.

The applications of Big Data and data analytics are almost limitless for any company – even those in some of the most low-tech industries and markets.

In fact, a local company based right in the National Capital Region has a solution that could help enterprises in one industry that is historically slow when it comes to adopting new technologies – the construction industry – harness the power of Big Data to improve efficiency and streamline operations. The company is called BuilDATAnalytics, and its CTBIM SaaS solution can help companies eliminate cost and schedule overruns, while empowering them to make better, more data-driven decisions in the future.

BuilDATAnalytics was one of many exciting companies that took part in the Technology Showcases at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference, which was sponsored by the National Capital Chapter of ACG. During these showcases, executives from some of the most exciting, innovative and disruptive technology enterprises in the region presented their companies and instructed the ACG membership – and others in attendance – about the trends and market factors that are driving demand for their solutions.

During her presentation, BuilDATAnalytics CEO, Tiffany Hosey, discussed the company’s CTBIM solution, why it’s essential in the construction industry today, and the benefits it can deliver to enterprises. Here is what she had to say:

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