Mike SimonIn the wake of the recent 2016 election, which may have seen a sovereign nation or state influence American elections through hacking and cyberattack, cybersecurity is an increasingly hot topic. But it’s not just a concern among political and government circles.

Private enterprises remain in the crosshairs of attackers, and can suffer significant costs – both financially and to their brands – when cyberattacks compromise their networks and expose customer information.

As evidenced by the many high profile attacks in just the past few months, these attacks are increasing in frequency, severity and sophistication. In fact, technology giant, Yahoo, recently announced that it suffered a breach that could have impacted the accounts of at least 500 million users.

It’s understandable that cybersecurity remains one of the largest challenges facing the IT departments of all organizations – across both public and private sectors and all industries. And that challenge is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome due to a combination of different, converging trends that are making cyberattacks harder to prevent, identify, mitigate and respond to.

One of the local companies that is working to help organizations better protect their networks is Cryptonite, a cybersecurity solution provider dedicated to helping enterprises regain the upper hand against attackers. The company was founded in 2015 with a focus on next generation solutions that defend networks proactively—protecting enterprise networks and giving security professionals time to investigate and respond to cyber threats before it’s too late.

Cryptonite was one of many exciting companies that took part in the Technology Showcases at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference, which was sponsored by the National Capital Chapter of ACG. During these showcases, executives from some of the most exciting, innovative and disruptive technology enterprises in the region presented their companies and instructed the ACG membership – and others in attendance – about the trends and market factors that are driving demand for their solutions.

During his presentation, Cryptonite CEO, Mike Simon, discussed how the convergence of old network architecture, very sophisticated reconnaissance and malware sitting on the network for over 140 days, has made the task of protecting networks a daunting one for IT professionals. He also shared the history of Cryptonite and how the company’s advanced security solutions help organizations keep their networks and data safe.

Here is what Mike had to say:

ACG National Capital and MITRE are collaborating on another exciting technology event, the upcoming Washington Technology Showcase. This event, which will be held on Friday, December 2, 2016, will feature even more of the most exciting and innovative new technology companies in the region. For additional information and to register online, click HERE.