John headshotCybersecurity remains one of the hottest technologies and industry sectors for growth and investment. And it’s obvious why. All you have to do is turn on your television or read the latest articles on Google News and you’ll be inundated with stories about companies being compromised, presidential candidates and political organizations being hacked and citizen information getting exposed.

One of the companies that’s leading the charge against cyberattacks and cybercriminals is Blue Ridge Networks, a provider of breach prevention, endpoint protection and information security solutions headquartered right here in the National Capital Region.

Earlier this year, ACG National Capital sponsored their annual Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference, and one of the many different panel discussions, side sessions and presentations featured during this annual conference was the Tech Showcase. During these showcases, executives from some of the most exciting, innovative and disruptive technology enterprises in the region presented their companies and instructed the ACG membership – and others in attendance – about the trends and market factors that are driving demand for their solutions.

One of the speakers during this year’s Tech Showcase was John Higginbotham, the CEO of Blue Ridge Networks.

We were able to capture John’s presentation on video and have it for you to watch below. During this presentation, John discusses the current cybersecurity landscape, the technology trends that are making it harder for organizations to secure their networks and how Blue Ridge Networks’ solutions can help.

Here is what John had to say:

Corporate Growth, Capital Style will be back with more videos in the TechSource series in the coming weeks. For more information about Blue Ridge Networks, click HERE to go to their corporate Website, or click HERE to read an exclusive interview with their CEO, John Higginbotham.