26151838816_6f63e1c389_kIn a recent ACG National Capital monthly meeting, Peter LaMontagne, the CEO of Novetta, a big data and data analytics company that works mostly with the federal government in the defense and intelligence industries, shared his opinion regarding the importance of private equity to the National Capital region when he said, “I think private equity is so critical to our space. I’ll make the case that private equity is to the DC metro area and government contracting what venture capital is to technology in Silicon Valley.”

But venture capitalists aren’t only in Silicon Valley. There is a vibrant VC community here in the nation’s capital and both VC and private equity firms in this region are seeing opportunities across many of the disparate industries and emerging growth companies that are springing up around the Beltway. And now is a truly exciting time for those interested in investing in companies that are finding innovative and different approaches to solving consumer, business and governmental challenges.

Whether it’s the Internet, cloud computing or the burgeoning commercial space launch industry – great equalizers are emerging that make it possible for smaller, startup companies to begin competing with huge, established incumbents in markets that previously had high barriers to entry. And many of the companies looking to enter and compete in these markets are hungrier, more innovative and more agile than many of the giant enterprises that control the majority of the market share – making them very attractive to investors looking for the next big thing.

Just what industries, technologies and companies are these investors most attracted to and interested in? Well, you can hear it right from the horse’s mouth.

This year’s Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference featured a panel of the area’s top venture capital and private equity firms coming together to discuss the opportunities they see in the region. These investors included: John Backus, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at NAV.VC; Michael Lustbader, Managing Partner at Arlington Capital Partners; Jason Rigoli, Partner at Enlightenment Capital; Peggy Styer, Managing Partner at Razor’s Edge Venture LLC; and Dean Rutley, Partner at Womble Carlyle.

Here is the first video from the panel:

Stay tuned, the rest of the video from this panel discussion, as well as additional videos from this year’s Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference will be published in the coming weeks.