BruceBig data and data analytics are more than just buzz words today.

Data is being generated at incredible rates thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, sensors, scanners, social media and other online tools that track and report on the activities and interests of customers and prospects. Simultaneously, technology has advanced and now enables enterprises to store, analyze, share and learn from these mountains of data.

Companies that can harvest, analyze and learn from the sea of information that they generate have a significant advantage. They can measure the results of every strategic initiative, every marketing campaign and every customer interaction to help them learn, grown and change their operations to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and drive revenue and sales. Companies that don’t do these things today risk falling behind their more innovative, proactive competitors.

The need to aggregate, analyze and learn from the information and data available to them drove many large customer-facing companies and approximately 40 organizations within the Fortune 500 to embrace the solutions pioneered by Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), one of the world’s leading, purely cloud-based cause-and-effect analytics software companies.

APT’s success, technology innovations and impressive client list were most likely the drivers for what become one of this year’s most significant – ACG Corporate Growth Award winning – acquisitions, when MasterCard acquired the Arlington-based company for a reported $600M.

The gentleman at the helm of the company from inception to acquisition, who drove the company’s success and incredible valuation was the CEO, Anthony Bruce.

In his role with APT, Anthony acts as a leading management adviser for Global 2000 organizations. He assists clients in choosing and refining business strategies across a range of functional disciplines and industries. Anthony works to enhance the approach APT client’s take to institutionalizing fact-based, data-driven decision-making and helps them achieve better results by more effectively leveraging Big Data. Prior to co-founding APT, Mr. Bruce was with McKinsey & Company in its Financial Institutions Group and with Morgan Stanley in the firm’s Investment Banking Division.

Anthony will share his lessons learned from running and growing APT, navigating the acquisition by MasterCard and handling the acquisition and integration process when he speaks with the ACG National Capital membership at this September’s monthly meeting. The event will take place at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner on September 18, 2015 at 7:30AM.

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