Greg_W_121_73With the 21st Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference, Tech Showcase and ACG DealSource slowly approaching, the editorial team at Corporate Growth, Capital Style will be sharing conversations with key personalities who will be playing a big role in this two-day event.

Our first conversation is with Greg Woodford, Senior Managing Director at The McLean Group, and board member of the ACG National Capital Chapter. Mr. Woodford has over 15 years of experience serving middle market companies in the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services industries, and has plenty of valuable insight to share.

We spoke with Mr. Woodford about the upcoming ACG DealSource, and why investors and companies in the DC/Metro area should take notice.

Here is what he had to say:

CGCS: What is DealSource and why should investors want to attend?

Greg Woodford: DealSource is a forum for private equity groups and investment banks to meet one on one to discuss opportunities, share information, and build relationships.  From the investment banking perspective it’s an opportunity to meet with leading private equity groups from around the country who invest in middle market companies across various sectors.  Private equity groups participating get to meet with many of the leading investment banks in the Mid-Atlantic region to learn about potential investment opportunities and strengthen future deal flow. 

CGCS: Why is it important in the DC/Metro business community? 

Greg Woodford: DealSource has become the highlight of ACG’s National Capital annual strategic growth conference.  The conference draws investors from across the country to the DC region for two days, and highlights investment opportunities in the area.  Private equity groups are drawn to this conference due in part to the diverse nature of the National Capital region and the opportunity to explore potential investments from various industries.  Many of these private equity groups do not participate in other conferences, so DealSource provides an opportunity to interact and build relationships with these firms.

CGCS: Which industries do you believe will be most represented? What companies are normally in attendance?

Greg Woodford: The private equity groups and investment banking firms that participate in DealSource span a wide range of industries that reflect the diversity in the DC region.  There were over 60 participants last year, and industry focus included technology, healthcare, aerospace, defense and government services, consumer, business services, and many others.  This diversity is also reflected in the types of companies that attend the conference – attendees run the gamut from large public companies down to smaller startup companies.  This year’s conference has added a Technology Showcase that is highlighting companies from the region that are developing new and innovative technologies.

For more information about the 21st Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference, Tech Showcase and ACG DealSource, and to register, click HERE