After a few years of economic turbulence, the market finally seems to be stabilizing. Equity markets are soaring while interest rates continue to drop, giving certain regional business leaders an opportunity to grow.

On September 16th, ACG National Capital will be hosting a special roundtable discussion titled “EGBR: I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed – Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Market.” The interactive event will go over a number of hot discussion topics, including:

–       Strategies that have been effective in helping small and medium-sized businesses navigate the ups and downs of the market.

–       Balancing short-term financial realities with long-term strategies.

–       Nurturing corporate culture and focusing employees on corporate objectives.

–       Utilizing M&A to remain competitive.

The event will feature The Chertoff Group’s Jason Kaufman as the facilitator, and roundtable members Mick Fox, EVP of Business Development at PAE, and John Sutton, EVP and GM of Mission Solutions at Vencore Inc.

“The last several years have been about survival for most companies in the region, especially those serving the federal government,” said Jason Kaufman in a recent conversation with Corporate Growth, Capital Style. “But when you look more closely, there are a select number of firms who are rising above the fray and really excelling.  It’s survival of the fittest.”

With different companies employing different strategies, Mr. Kaufman believes it’s imperative to understand which ones are appropriate in certain conditions: “What lessons can we learn from them?  Are there specific business practices they are employing? Some are using external strategies like acquisitions; others are tapping the debt and equity markets, or carving off entire divisions.”

He even notes more alternative approaches like ESOPs and Joint Ventures, which are growing in popularity: “We are trying to find a cross section of panelists who will represent the full spectrum, from small business to large-scale organizations.”

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