Clearsight_Adv_Blue-300x80The Life Sciences sector is experiencing a renaissance. There has been a burgeoning demand for software and professional services, which has led to a highly favorable deal environment for companies serving the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences market.

Clearsight Advisors, an independent merchant-banking firm dedicated to providing world-class M&A and capital raising solutions, recently served as the exclusive strategic and financial advisor to two major acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences market: Kinsail Corporation’s acquisition by Accela (a portfolio company of Bregal Sagemount), and Deloitte’s very own PharmaCM’s acquisition by Trialscope, a life sciences technology company.

“I could not have chosen a better advisor to guide me through the process from accessing market alternatives to finding valuable strategic partnerships,” said Tim Keough, CEO of Kinsail.

Kinsail’s partnerships with several government bodies such as the USDA Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as the state of California and the Commonwealth of Virgnia are a perfect fit for Accela’s new division, the Recreation and Resource Management team. It empowers government agencies to improve business operations, compliance through various mobile tools, and efficiency.

By acquiring Kinsail, Accela can now bolster its growing portfolio of government agency customers leveraging the Accela Civic Platform for Land Management, Licensing, Asset Management, Legislative Management and Public Health and Safety.

Accela will also support Kinsail solutions, and customers will be able to leverage Accela Civic Platform capabilities to manage and provide open data through, Accela’s free open data portal and take advantage of the company’s growing ecosystem of developers and partners.

PharmaCM’s flagship product, PharmaCM Clinical Trial (CT) is a clinical trial disclosure solution that enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to manage the complexity of complying with the regulatory requirements imposed by and other international clinical trial registries. It is currently implemented by 7 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies.

Across virtually every industry sector, companies are facing unprecedented compliance challenges and regulatory scrutiny. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult and costly to manage and comply with the complexity of the various requirements imposed by regulators. Further exacerbating this issue is the continued reliance on archaic systems, outdated, and often-manual processes still employed at firms today.

But there are a number of new and exciting solutions emerging that tackle the unique content management and workflow challenges required to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

After recognizing the increasing role compliance was going to play in the clinical trial process as early as 2007, PharmaCM’s leadership built what many consider to be the leading SaaS platform for clinical trial compliance in the market today. According to Clearsight Director John Rakowsi, “the combination with TrialScope will allow PharmaCM to reach the next level and transform the industry’s antiquated approach to compliance”

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