20140304_163515Following this year’s 2014 Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference, Corporate Growth, Capital Style has been featuring videos of the keynote speeches and panel discussions that made the event such a success with business leaders and corporate executives across the Mid-Atlantic region.

The latest video features Len Forkas, the President and CEO of Milestone Communications and the Founder of the charity, Hopecam, telling his incredibly inspirational tale of teamwork and personal resolve.

Prior to the conference, the editorial team had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Forkas for a two-part Q&A, where he discussed his professional success, and part of his experience during 2012’s Race Across America, a 3000-mile bicycle race. In part one of our video coverage, Mr. Forkas discusses the emotional motivation that pushed him to join the race, and highlights the importance of having a great team to help you through a tough challenge.

Here is what Mr. Forkas had to say:

Check back in the coming weeks for additional video coverage from the Mid-Atlantic Growth Conference.