1607In October, ACG National Capital will be celebrating 25 years of middle market growth at the 25th Anniversary Celebration and Networking Event. Corporate Growth, Capital Style will be posting insightful interviews with past ACG presidents leading up to the big event.

In our last post in the series, we featured an interview with former president Ronald Morgan. Our next conversation was with former chapter president Robert Rubin, who served from 1993 until 1994.

Mr. Rubin was recently appointed as president of FBV Advisors Inc., Freedom Bank of Virginia’s mergers and acquisitions advisory business. The company specializes in helping small and medium-sized local contractors through the M&A process. Mr. Rubin has more than 30 years of experience in investment banking, having spent the previous 20 years in the technology and government contracting space. He has most recently worked with JPB Partners LLC in Columbia, Maryland.

Here is what Mr. Rubin had to say about his time with the ACG, as well as how corporate growth activity and the business market has changed in the National Capital region since he was president:

CGCS: Can you describe a significant occurrence that happened in the deal community during your tenure as ACG National Capital president.

Mr. Rubin: I can’t think of a single deal in particular, but one thing that began during my tenure was that some buyers became multiple acquirers and used acquisitions as a means to grow their company in addition to organic growth.

CGCS: Can you describe something significant that happened during your time as chapter president

Mr. Rubin: We hit 100 members, which was a big deal!

CGCS: What changes have you seen in the DC business community in the last 25 years? How has the business climate changed? Any new industries to take note of?

Mr. Rubin: I think that one of the biggest changes has been the maturity of the government contracting community and the evolution of the technology community in DC.

And – overall – what has driven that has been the maturation of the financial climate in DC. DC is now home to some of the largest private equity firms, venture capital firms, large banks, alternative lenders, and a more developed investment community.

CGCS: Can you describe some of the major trends shaping and influencing the business environment in DC today. How has that shaped corporate growth activity?

Mr. Rubin: One of the most important trends has been the development of a financial and investment community in DC, with government contractors in particular and their ability to access public markets. Another trend has been a certain degree of regulation imposed by the government, and it has continued to balloon.

To hear more from Robert Rubin and the rest of the ACG National Capital past presidents, register for the 25th Anniversary Celebration and Networking Event on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at the Waterview Center in Arlington, VA. Additional details and event registration are available HERE.