Most ACG National Capital members have probably seen Lanny Davis’ name attached to recent editorials and news articles about the pending fiscal cliff. And they probably know him best for his role as a contributor to Fox News, and as a commentator and analyst for MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and network TV news programs.

But Lanny’s background and activities are much more diverse than the individual whose opinions you read and watch online, in print and on television. In addition to being a commentator and political analyst, Lanny Davis is a lawyer, crisis manager, consultant and published author.

Lanny graduated from Yale University and Yale Law School, where he won the Thurman Arnold Moot Court prize. Lanny’s interest in journalism was apparent even then. He served as chairman of the Yale Daily News as an undergraduate and later served on the Yale Law Journal.

Now, Lanny is a principal with Lanny J. Davis & Associates, a law firm based in Washington, D.C. He also serves as Special Counsel to Dilworth Paxson and is a partner with former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele in Purple Nation Solutions, a public affairs-strategic communications company.

Lanny served as a special counsel to President Bill Clinton and spokesperson for the President and the White House. Later, he was appointed to the five-member Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board by President George W. Bush. The board is an independent agency within the executive branch. It was established by Congress to ensure actions taken by the executive branch to combat terrorism don’t compromise the privacy and civil liberties of citizens.

Lanny’s participation in politics hasn’t been limited to just his stints in the Clinton and Bush administrations, however. He has served three terms, from 1980 to 1992, on the Democratic National Committee, served on the DNC Executive Committee and as chairman of the Eastern Region Caucus.

Lanny has also authored two books, Scandal: How “Gotcha” Politics Is Destroying America and Truth To Tell: Tell It Early, Tell It All, Tell It Yourself: Notes from My White House Education. His new book, CRISIS TALES: Five Rules for Coping With Scandal in Business, Politics and Life,, is slated for release in July.

Lanny has had a very diverse and interesting career as a lawyer, consultant, special counsel to presidents and published author. He’ll bring that experience and knowledge in front of the ACG National Capital membership this February, when he serves as the closing speaker for the 19th Annual Strategic Growth Conference. To register,  visit the conference website at ACG Web site.