Over the past few weeks we’ve been posting videos of the keynote speeches and panel discussions that occurred at this year’s Strategic Growth Conference.

The 2012 Strategic Growth Conference featured keynote addresses from a high profile group of speakers, including: William D. Green, Carly Fiorina, Tim Draper and Michael Chertoff. There was also a panel discussion about the current state of the government contracting industry.

Our previous two videos featured Accenture’s executive chairman, William D. Green, discussing the company’s acquisition strategy and the role that education and training plays at the company. In this week’s video, the Honorable Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security and co-founder and managing principal of the Chertoff Group, discusses the current economic and budget situation facing the federal government.

During his speech, Mr. Chertoff highlighted the government’s focus on saving budget dollars that will impact how government contractors sell to federal agencies. Mr. Chertoff also discussed how customer intimacy and addressing the government’s need to embrace solutions ad services that save them money over time are necessary for contractors looking to sell to the government in this difficult economic environment.

In our next video in the series, we feature a panel of government contracting experts as they further dissect the current federal budget situation and analyze the hot markets that will continue to see federal investment in the near future.