This year’s Strategic Growth Conference featured keynote addresses from an incredible group of speakers, including: William D. Green, Carly Fiorina, Tim Draper and Michael Chertoff. There was also a panel discussion about the current state of the government contracting industry.

We caught these keynotes and panel discussions on camera and will be featuring videos from this year’s speeches in a series of posts on the ACG National Capital blog.

Last week, we featured a video of Accenture’s executive chairman, William D. Green, discussing the company’s acquisition strategy. In this week’s video, Bill talks to Chad Sweet, CoFounder and Managing Principal of The Chertoff Group, about training and education.

According to Bill, America’s most undervalued and underappreciated asset is its community college system. A product of the community college system himself, William would like to see businesses invest more in community college students and utilize the institutions to help train Americans in the skills and knowledge they need for tomorrow’s jobs.