Each year, the best and brightest business minds from Washington, D.C. and the rest of the east coast come together at ACG National Capital’s annual Strategic Growth Conference.

The conference is an excellent opportunity for senior executives, investment banks, private equity groups, venture capitalists and others interested in mid-market corporate growth to come together to network, discuss business best practices and hear from prestigious political and business leaders.

This year’s event featured keynote addresses from an incredible group of speakers, including: William D. Green, Carly Fiorina, Tim Draper and Michael Chertoff. There was also a panel discussion about the current state of the government contracting industry.

We caught these keynotes and panel discussions on camera and will be featuring videos from this year’s speeches in a series of posts on the ACG National Capital blog.

In our first video, William D. Green, the executive chairman of Accenture, discusses the company’s acquisition strategy, why it infrequently acquires companies and why the recent acquisition of the George Group was a good fit for the company and its culture.

In our next video in the series, we feature William D. Green discussing education and how American companies need to invest in one of their greatest, most underutilized resources; the community college system.