We recently introduced a new recurring feature on our blog called “Carl Grant on Business.” These posts feature videos of ACG National Capital’s own Carl Grant, the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Cooley, LLP, discussing important topics for business students and young entrepreneurs.

In his most recent videos, Carl discusses angel investing for small, start-up enterprises. Angel investors are usually individuals that are unaffiliated with banks, private equity firms or other investment or financial company that invest their own personal money into a company. Angel investors are becoming increasingly popular in fundraising and can be extremely important in standing up a new enterprise.

In his first video, Carl sheds his tie and gets down to business, discussing how small companies can find and attract angel investors that they don’t already have relationships with:

In his second video in the series on angel investing, Carl dives into important questions that start-ups will most likely face from potential angel investors, including corporate valuation: