If you’re looking for a D.C.-based management and technology consultancy with expertise in telecommunications, financial services, consumer products and technology, MorganFranklin is the company you need.

Over the past 13 years, Ron Morgan, co-founder and president of financial management and performance improvement at MorganFranklin, has grown the company from an idea into a firm that employs more than 400 professionals in four cities and two continents. The business consulting and technology solutions company delivers financial management, performance improvement and national security solutions to industry and government clients, helping them achieve peak performance and mission success.


Ron graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. He began his career with Booz Allen Hamilton and later spent five years in public accounting at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Aronson & Company performing financial audits of private and public corporations and nonprofit organizations.

In 1998, life changed for Ron as he, his brother Bob Morgan, and partner Rob Franklin decided to start their own company to provide management consulting services to the government and commercial sectors. Starting the business in D.C. proved to be a wise decision, as many of their targeted markets were flourishing in the area.

With a diversified business and talented employees, MorganFranklin proved successful early on. And it wasn’t just the services MorganFranklin offers, which range from accounting and audit support to business process re-engineering and intelligence analysis. MorganFranklin’s people truly set the firm apart. With a company large enough to have a broad skill set but small enough to avoid restrictive bureaucracy, MorganFranklin created a naturally collaborative environment that translated to placing the right people with the right skills with the right clients.


Today, MorganFranklin’s position in the market is strong. With broad services and international clients in more than 40 countries, the company has seen uninterrupted double-digit growth since March 2008. In today’s economy, companies are looking to do more with less and MorganFranklin specializes in implementing and maintaining the performance improvements and technologies that drive efficiency.

Ron approaches work as both art and science. He understands that in order to remain successful, the company needs the appropriate people for each particular client and the ability to forecast trends in the market. His clients, partners in the market, and the team at MorganFranklin energize him and drive him to cultivate strong relationships with his employees, customers and other external parties.

In April 2008, MorganFranklin received the ACG Emerging Growth Company of the Year Award. Ron was introduced to the ACG family then and has never looked back. A member of the board for two years and current president-elect of ACG National Capital, Ron is excited to be surrounded by high-quality professionals who are driven by corporate growth and committed to making the association even stronger. If his tenure with MorganFranklin is any indication, his relationship with ACG National Capital will undoubtedly help the association grow and thrive.