Every year, the Washington Business Journal identifies a list of the 50 fastest growing companies in the Washington, D.C. area. To establish just which companies were the “fastest growing,” the publication analyzes their average sales growth over a three year period.

On October 6, the 50 companies on the list were recognized at an awards ceremony in Tysons Corner. Many of the names of the companies on the list should be familiar to ACG National Capital members, because the C-level executives from seven of the 50 companies are association members.

The ACG National Capital members’ companies that were recognized as the fastest growing in the D.C. area include:

  • M.C. Dean, Inc. – an electrical design-build and systems integration firm that specializes in electrical, electronic security, telecommunications, life-safety, instrumentation and control, and command and control systems, and serves a wide range of clients in the private enterprise, government and education markets, M.C. Dean was named 42nd on the list with 29.7 percent growth.
  • GeoEye, Inc. – a leading source of geospatial information and a complete provider of geospatial intelligence solutions to government and commercial customers, GeoEye, Inc. was named 21st on the list with 53.3 percent growth.
  • Suntiva – an innovative management consulting firm that serves both the public and private sector, and specializes in federal acquisition, program management, IT governance, and organizational performance, Suntiva was named 15th on the list with 63.6 percent growth.
  • A-T Solutions – a global anti- and counter-terrorism firm that specializes in solutions designed to protect lives, infrastructure, and nations from terrorist threats, A-T Solutions was named 14th on the list with 66.3 percent growth.
  • Invertix Corp. – a defense contractor that provides engineering and mission support services to the federal government, Invertix was named 10th on the list with 82.1 percent growth.
  • XL, Inc. – a government contractor that offers acquisition support, grant management and professional services, XL, Inc. was 9th on the list with 82.3 percent growth.
  • Lifecycle Construction Services, LLC – the number one fastest growing company in the National Capital region according to the Washington Business Journal with an astonishing 284.4 percent average sales growth, Lifecycle Construction Services is a full service integrated design-build firm specializing in the federal design and construction market.

With ACG National Capital serving to educate and promote the sharing of business best practices in the region, while helping to drive growth among area companies via organic growth and M&A, it’s no coincidence that ACG members would be present on the list of fastest growing companies in the region. Also, the incredible growth that these 50 companies have seen over the past three years, and across so many industries, is evidence that the region’s economy remains strong.

We want to congratulate the seven ACG National Capital members present on the top 50 list, including the six members in the top 25 and the number one fastest growing company, Lifecycle Construction Services. It’s incredible to have so many members recognized and prospering, even in difficult economic times.