It’s safe to say that Catherine C. Jones, Senior Vice President with UGL Services, is a born entrepreneur.  Her first venture was a neighborhood gardening service that she launched at the age of fourteen. Shaped by her parents’ Midwestern work ethic, Ms. Jones’s enterprising spirit and driving ambition, is the hallmark of her 29-year career in commercial real estate.

In 1983, she was one of the first women to penetrate the male-dominated Washington D.C. commercial real estate industry. At a time when admirals and generals who served in Vietnam were entering the private sector and coming to work for defense and IT firms, Ms. Jones secured her position in the industry as a serious, strategic real estate professional.

One of her most important accomplishments was the partnership she established with Dr. Craig Venter and Dr. Claire Fraser, whose groundbreaking work is recognized worldwide for sequencing the human genome.  Ms. Jones’s timely involvement in structuring a turnkey 240,000 sq. ft. data center, created the setting that would host one of the most significant achievements of modern science in the 21st century.

In her present role, Ms. Jones holds a top secret clearance and embraces the platform of UGL as a global corporate real estate firm, capitalizing on her enterprising spirit to create a unique and differentiated offering for her clients.

UGL has recruited and retained a wide range of expertise from civil engineers and architects to attorneys and MBAs. This has created a “one stop shop” for UGL clients, where they can find all of the mission-critical services they need under one roof.

Ms. Jones currently serves as Finance Chair for the Kennedy Center Choral Arts Wounded Warriors Gala and is a Trustee of The Boys and Girls Club and ACG.   She also served on the Board of the Children’s National Medical Center for fourteen years.

As an active member of ACG for the past ten years, Ms. Jones has found great value in her relationship with ACG National Capital.  She is “energized” by the knowledgeable and engaging speakers at ACG’s breakfasts and has even been able to secure high caliber speakers like John Rizzo, retired General Counsel for the CIA and Michael Chertoff, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security under George W. Bush.

Moving forward, Ms. Jones hopes to bring other prominent CEOs and entrepreneurial women into ACG, as well as UGL. She hopes to demonstrate, through her own example, that being successful also means giving back.

Ms. Jones remembers her father once saying, “Make sure you do the job right the first time and everything will fall into place.” This is how she lives and works, and how she continues to leave her mark on the region’s commercial real estate market, ACG membership, and the community at large.