Most parents tell their children to find what they’re passionate about and make it into a career. James “Jim” Nesbitt, who has been an active and passionate worker in the accounting and finance industry for over 40 years, clearly had no problem listening to his parents.

After graduating with a degree in finance from BabsonCollege, Jim started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). After 18 years, Jim wanted more. Specifically, he wanted “his name on the door.” It was then that he left PWC to begin his own firm in 1987.

Starting with only two people, Jim grew his business to 20 employees and developed significant client relationships. When one client phased into a rapid growth period, James realized that the time for change had come. The growth and success of his clients prompted him to merge his practice with BDOUSA, the world’s fifth largest accounting, tax, financial advisory and consulting organization that provides services to a wide range of publicly traded and privately held companies.

Jim has been able to shine at BDO, where he helps his clients realize the need to grow in order to stay competitive and provides expert advice on how to position themselves best against the risks they face. With BDO, he works with many public companies during acquisitions, where the growth potential is highest. He finds excitement from M&A deals that he attributes to the “thrill of the hunt.”

His success rate at winning new clients and delivering on their needs is made easier by how BDO differentiates itself from its competition. The company’s smaller teams allow it to have more seasoned employees assist clients through their most difficult decisions and changes.

With all the right tools at his fingertips at BDO, Jim is able to capitalize on his passion for working with clients looking to grow their company through acquisitions. That is partly what drew him to ACG.

ACG provides a community of professionals with similar interests and allows him to connect with others that find corporate deals as exciting as he does. A member for several years, he started his journey with ACG as a guest at their programs.

He quickly realized the advantages of being exposed to such a dynamic group of business people who all share best practices and provide opportunities for new business. Today, he is one of the directors at ACG and has taken it upon himself to help grow the chapter and its membership to its fullest potential.