The Washington, D.C. area is full of ambitious, intelligent and innovative leaders. Manik Rath of LMI can certainly count himself among them. It seems every business he touches turns to gold.

After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, Manik spent eight years at international law firms before taking a position at Alion Science and Technology Corporation in 2002.  Alion, a technology solutions company, delivers technical expertise and operational support for the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as civilian government agencies and commercial customers.

Manik’s artistry in conducting complex business deals allowed him to structure the initial employee buyout that stood up Alion. Together with his management team, they negotiated 12 acquisitions and as a result, tripled the size of the company in three years.

Manik’s expertise and passion for corporate growth led him to the government consultancy, LMI, in 2005. LMI’s management and technical consultants work with agencies to address mission-critical issues across the federal government.

During his tenure with LMI, Manik structured and closed the acquisition of Jasmah Consulting, an intelligence agency contractor. This acquisition allowed LMI to move into a new sector of the IC market where they were able to provide more advanced solutions that were tailored to their customers’ needs and quadruple their business.

Manik’s success identifying new business opportunities, working with clients and making critical business moves has continued to make his professional career a fulfilling one at LMI.

His love for corporate growth and his hunger to find others with similar passions led him to ACG. The idea sharing that occurs among the wide ranges of members, all with the same commitment for corporate growth, has proven to be a significant advantage.

His belief that, “The more you give, the more you get,” led Manik to want to volunteer more of his time to ACG.  This year, he was elected to the Board of Directors at ACG. The relationships he has built with the high caliber association members has been the best part of ACG membership for Manik over the years and he hopes to help the National Capital Chapter of ACG grow.

He plans to continue to bring more corporate professionals together at ACG so that others can participate, benefit and grow from the exciting opportunities that can be found at ACG.