Trusted Computer Solutions was acquired by Raytheon, in November 2010 in an attempt by the large contracting company to add to its cybersecurity portfolio. Usually when an acquisition such as this occurs, the founders and C-level executives of the acquired company take their leave.

However, Lisa Brown, the CFO of Trusted Computer Solutions and a member of ACG National Capital, found herself in a unique position following the acquisition. She became the President of the resulting Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions.

Her success in orchestrating the sale of Trusted Computer Solutions, and her level of expertise that led Raytheon to retain her services following the acquisition, are the reasons why the Washington Business Journal chose Lisa as their CFO of the Year Award winner in the “Business Services” category.

According to the subsequent Business Journal article, Lisa became CFO of Trusted Computer Solutions in 2003. In 2010, companies began approaching Trusted Computer Solutions about a potential acquisition, and that’s when Lisa sprung into action.

Far surpassing the traditional role of a CFO in the acquisition process, Lisa analyzed each potential buyer and worked feverishly across all aspects of the deal. She even selected ACG sponsor BB&T Capital Markets to oversee the company’s legal and financial documentation creation and assist in final negotiations.

We want to congratulate fellow ACG member, Lisa Brown, on this distinguished honor. It’s executives such as Lisa that make the National Capital region a hotbed of corporate growth activity and thought leadership. And that’s what makes the National Capital Chapter of ACG such a great place to drive middle-market growth and increase deal flow.

*Photo courtesy of Washington Business Journal