Washington, D.C. is a region filled with politicians, government officials and high-powered executives at companies representing a wide range of different industries and markets.  Although these individuals may seem very different, they often share a similar trait: a desire to speak at length about their backgrounds and accomplishments.

So imagine our surprise when we spoke with Rod Buck, the president at the Columbia Group, and what he was most excited to speak about was ACG.

However, we’d be remiss if we failed to discuss Rod’s twenty-five years of corporate executive experience and his long list of accomplishments along the way.  Rod’s expertise in finance, business development, strategic planning and human resources has enabled him to successfully transition four businesses in critical-stage transactions, orchestrate more than thirty M&A deals, and generate several hundred million of shareholder value.

In 2005, Rod was appointed President of The Columbia Group, a federal professional services firm that provides engineering, logistics, financial management, IT and program administrative support services to the Department of Defense and other government agencies.  In the ensuing six years, The Columbia Group has grown from under $15M to in excess of $100M.

As a business leader, Rod’s responsibility to create and deliver shareholder value is what draws him to ACG National Capital.  Regardless of the rate of organic growth, a strategic acquired growth strategy is critical to growing long term sustainable shareholder value.  ACG National Capital brings together corporate leaders, capital providers and service providers who, together can facilitate and create corporate growth and growth in shareholder value.

In addition to bringing together business leaders to help drive corporate growth and valuation, ACG also functions as a network to help Rod manage his career.  ACG has helped Rod navigate through his career changes and has provided continuous support through its resources and members.

The value he receives is found within this community. It is the best source for capital, expertise in developing and executing growth strategies and linking up with the nations’ experts across multiple industries.

ACG enables Rod to share his unique success with domestic and international acquisitions, business integrations, recapitalizations and joint ventures with other corporate growth individuals, exchange ideas and build partnerships.  The value that Rod gets from ACG has been a major driver for his continued success in his career.