The Washington, D.C. region is a hotbed for technology companies and innovation in the United States. With so many companies excelling and making headlines nationally, it takes a special company to stand out in this region’s crowded technology marketplace.

BroadSoft, a voice over IP solutions provider based in the National Capital region, did just that last year. In 2010, BroadSoft underwent a $67.5 million IPO, which opened the door for continued growth of the company. The firm also managed to capture 30 percent of the global market share.

The BroadSoft IPO was so successful that it won ACG National Capital’s 2011 Corporate Growth Award for “Deal of the Year under $100M.” This success was thanks in large part to the efforts of its executive team, including Jim Tholen, the company’s CFO.

Now, Jim will discuss the BroadSoft story, including the IPO and life as a public company, when he appears in front of the ACG National Capital membership for this July’s Monthly Meeting. Jim will also be sharing his perspectives on the interplay of BroadSoft’s progression as a company with the world of capital raising and institutional investors.

Jim has more than 20 years of financial and strategic management experience. In his role as CFO of BroadSoft, Jim oversees the company’s financials, accounting, and risk management operations and has been instrumental in ensuring BroadSoft’s continued growth and long-term viability.

In addition to conducting the company’s 2010 IPO, he also orchestrated the acquisition of two of the company’s largest competitors in 2008.

To hear Jim share the story of one of the D.C. region’s latest technology company success stories, and discuss how life has changed at BroadSoft since the IPO, come to the upcoming July Monthly Meeting.

The event will take place on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 7:30AM and include time for networking with the ACG National Capital membership, which includes the region’s foremost business leaders. Registration is available on the ACG National Capital Web site.

James Tholen accepts the 2011 ACG National Capital Corporate Growth Award for Deal of the Year under $100M on behalf of Broadsoft.