With the federal government battling enormous budget deficits, riding along on continuing resolutions while arguing over program cuts and the economy in general forcing agencies and organizations to tighten their belts, this is a trying time for federal contractors. 

Factor in the war winding down in Iraq and defense spending being paired down as well, and the professional services and technology companies that sell primarily to the government are in a very different environment then they’ve seen in over a decade. 

At this year’s Strategic Growth Conference, CEO’s from the National Capital region’s government contracting community will hold a panel discussion to highlight the changes occurring in the industry, the impact that they’ll have on the way contractors do business and the business trends we can expect to see as a result. 

Participants will include: 

This year’s Strategic Growth Conference, which is the 17th such conference being hosted by the National Capital Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, is coming up in just a few short weeks. 

This year’s event promises to be the best in chapter history. It will feature speeches by some of the business world’s most successful and influential leaders, break-out sessions and panel discussions focusing on today’s largest challenges facing businesses and time for networking with the minds driving the business community in the National Capital region. 

If you’re interested in attending this CEO panel discussion and the long list of other events and speeches slated for this year’s Strategic Growth Conference, there’s still time to register. Additional information and registration is available by clicking HERE.