The 2011 Strategic Growth Conference, which is the 17th annual Strategic Growth Conference being hosted by the National Capital Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, is coming up next week. 

One of the speakers lined up for this year’s conference is none other than Mr. Knight Kiplinger, the editor-in-chief of The Kiplinger Letter, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine and The Kiplinger Tax Letter

Each week in the Kiplinger Letter, Mr. Kiplinger and his staff analyze all the pressing economic and business issues of the day, trying to figure out where they are heading and the impact they will have on reader’s interests. This task has never been harder than right now, with the U.S. and global economies sending out so many mixed messages, positive and negative. 

Although recovery from The Great Recession is continuing in fits and starts, with strong gains in manufacturing and exports, there remains to be continued weak job growth and sluggishness in housing. And there are new storm clouds on the horizon such as turmoil in the Middle East, rising energy and grain prices, governmental defaults in the EU, a soaring U.S. budget deficit and precarious fiscal outlooks in the states and local government. 

During his speech at the Strategic Growth Conference, Mr. Kiplinger will put all of these in the balance and examine the implications for business growth and capital markets in the U.S. economy, with special attention to the D.C. metro area.

We are extremely excited to have Mr. Kiplinger speaking at this year’s Strategic Growth Conference and taking on this difficult challenge. This year’s event promises to be the best in chapter history. It will feature speeches by some of the business world’s most successful and influential leaders, break-out sessions and panel discussions focusing on today’s largest challenges facing businesses and time for networking with the other great minds driving the business community in the National Capital region. 

To hear Mr. Kiplinger, and our long list of other distinguished speakers at this year’s Strategic Growth Conference, there’s still time to register. Additional information and registration is available by clicking HERE.