I followed this year’s Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, a preeminent place for leaders of the Internet Economy to gather, debate and determine business strategy, and this year was especially interesting.

The focus this year was on the shifting landscape of the Internet Economy, which is becoming increasingly competitive and crowded. In addition, discussion about rapidly growing market segments, such as social media and mobile, and their impact on the Internet Economy was rampant.

The continued growth of the Internet, coupled with the rapid adoption of mobile Internet and social media, is not only creating opportunities for innovation and the rise of new companies, it is simultaneously creating challenges.

Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker delivered a very detailed and interesting presentation on the state of Internet adoption and monetization. Her presentation (available here) was a great reminder of how much and how rapidly the Internet has changed over the past 15 years, how it will continue to change and what questions arise from these changes.

Some of the questions she looked to address included:

  • With an increasing global presence in the Internet Economy, does your company know which players in which countries do what you do? Do any of them do it better or differently? Does your company study or implement it?
  • Mobile Internet usage and the adoption of smart phones is ramping up faster than any new technology. Is your business leading or lagging in embracing mobile Internet?
  • The amount of time consumers spend online is starting to trump traditional forms of media. Is online advertising some thing that your company could benefit from?
  • Mobile commerce is seeing constant improvement and revolutionizing the consumer and retail experience. Is your business keeping pace?

I suggest clicking through to her presentation and reading for yourself. The information within raising interesting questions and highlights important trends that are affection Internet companies today.

For companies in the nation’s capital outside of the Internet market, the usage statistics and information included could help to change your mind on the technologies and tactics that you’re employing within your company. Online advertising, mobile commerce and other online trends are disruptive technologies that are changing the way all businesses need to operate to keep up in this changing landscape.

Is your company keeping up?