Many times when people think about c-level executives, they think of individuals who are loaded and have drivers, assistants, and servants. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize the c-level executive is just like them. They’re busy people with families, friends, social obligations, homes, and a lot of responsibility.

In fact, the jet-setting CEO can very easily get overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the job and their personal lives. With the New Year fast approaching, ABS Capital Partners released a list of organizational tips that c-level executives can implement to help them keep the balance.

We’re not going to share all of them (just click the link), but here are a handful of our favorites that we think our readers could really benefit from:

  • Don’t leave emails of newsletters, articles, or presentations in your inbox. Save them in a separate folder or print them out, then read them during long trips.
  • Use your camera phone to take a picture of the number on your hotel room door. If you get in late or have stayed in multiple different hotels in a short span of time, it can come in handy.
  • Pack your lunch at night (if you bring your lunch). This saves valuable time during the chaos of early mornings.
  • Be prepared for inspiration at the most random of times. Keep a notebook or voice recorder for when you have your next great idea.
  • Finish tasks before starting another. This helps reduce the amount of things on your mind and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

That’s only 25% of them, and the others are just as good.

If you’re often fighting the mountains of mail and papers on your desk, scrambling to figure out what to do next, or simply struggling to juggle your obligations and responsibilities, these tips can help. After all, just because you’re a CEO doesn’t mean that you’re always on top of everything … yet …