By Jason Rigoli, Principal at The White Oak Group

Soldiers train for battle, but yet they cannot prepare for every unpredictable situation. There is a certain element of surprise associated with every crisis and challenge. The same is true in business.

Increased globalization and extensive international networks generate enormous trade benefits, as well as subsequent challenges in today’s business world. Disruptive events, man-made or natural disasters, can have debilitating effects on business continuity and economic viability. Therefore, global trade security is at the forefront of every proactive business agenda. At the upcoming ACG National Capital Strategic Growth Conference, the Honorable Tom Ridge, former Secretary of Homeland Security, will help you understand those risks and how to manage them.

For example, to protect trade, organizations need a comprehensive focus on improving security throughout their entire supply chain. Currently, Ridge serves as CEO of Ridge Global and helps organizations avoid, mitigate or recover from disruptive security events. In Ridge’s view, understanding the context of current international influences on America and its allies is critical to sustaining a vital and robust global economy and strong security.

In order to protect everything from fixed assets to assets in transit to human capital to brand equity and goodwill, security solutions must be holistic. Evaluating risk vs. threat is not an easy task for business leaders. However, in an ever-increasing competitive global market, there are far greater vulnerabilities for organizations. While companies need to manage their security risks, some risks need to be managed regardless of ROI. Similar to safeguarding yourself with car insurance while hoping you will never need it, organizations need to invest in the necessary security measures to protect against threats while having the ability to mitigate immediately if necessary.

On behalf of ACG National Capital, I’m hoping you join me at the 2010 Annual Strategic Growth Conference & Capital Forum to hear more from Tom Ridge.

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