Peggy Styer of Raytheon Blackbird Technologies to Address ACG National Capital Membership

November 18, 2015, No comments

In November of 2014, Raytheon announced the acquisition of Blackbird Technologies, a leading provider of persistent surveillance, secure tactical communications and cybersecurity solutions to the Intelligence Community (IC) and special operations market. The Herndon-based Blackbird Technologies sold for $420 Million in a transaction that was named, “Deal of the Year (Over $250M),” at the 2015 ...


Vox Media’s Jim Bankoff on profiting from online storytelling

November 5, 2015, No comments

From a young age, Jim Bankoff, the CEO of Vox Media, knew his calling. In his words, “We’re all kind of nerdy about something, and my “nerd-dom” – my passion – has always been about the media.” This passion for the media has blossomed from drafting potential television programming grids in the fourth grade to running one of the world’s largest online media networks, whi ...


Jim Bankoff, the Chairman and CEO of Vox Media, to address the ACG membership

October 13, 2015, No comments

On Friday, October 16, join ACG National Capital for the October Monthly Meeting featuring Jim Bankoff, the Chairman and CEO of Vox Media. A veteran of the online industry, Jim developed and led dozens of the most popular websites on the internet, including AOL, Mapquest, Moviefone, AOL Music and Engadget as an Executive Vice President at AOL. He co-founded, won an Emmy award for his prod ...


How APT rode the cloud and well-timed strategic changes to a $600 million acquisition

September 24, 2015, No comments

APT CEO, Anthony Bruce, addresses the ACG National Capital membership during the chapter’s September monthly meeting. On Friday, September 18, 2015, Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) CEO, Anthony Bruce, addressed the ACG National Capital membership at the chapter’s September Monthly Meeting. During his speech, Anthony discussed APT’s service offerings, how the company has grown and e ...


APT’s Anthony Bruce to discuss company’s growth and impressive acquisition by MasterCard at the September 18th monthly meeting

September 14, 2015, No comments

Big data and data analytics are more than just buzz words today. Data is being generated at incredible rates thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, sensors, scanners, social media and other online tools that track and report on the activities and interests of customers and prospects. Simultaneously, technology has advanced and now enables enterprises to store, analyze, share and learn from ...


TSI’s Marta Wilson Discusses Industry Trends and ACG Membership

August 31, 2015, No comments

ACG National Capital is always proud to highlight our best and brightest, and this week, we’d like to feature Dr. Marta Wilson, CEO of Transformation Systems Inc. (TSI) and an ACG board director. As a testimony to Dr. Wilson’s leadership, TSI has received numerous accolades from defense organizations for helping set historic records in the counter-IED effort and for ERP transitioning plus ...


This Week in Deal News: M&A Activity and a New Federal Contracting Rule

August 28, 2015, No comments

Last week, we shared a number of articles discussing the changing federal contracting landscape that has been brought upon by lower government budgets. This week, we’re back with another news recap, featuring updates on regional M&A activity, as well as new research findings. Below is a collection of M&A and government contracting articles presenting some of the latest events in the worl ...


This Week in Deal News: Spending Cuts and the Google Shakeup

August 18, 2015, 1 Comment

Ongoing budget cuts are having a significant impact on government contracting. As federal agencies have fewer funds to work with, federal contractors are having to find business elsewhere. Government contractors are not the only firms experiencing change; Google recently announced a new operating structure, which is sure to have a massive ripple effect on the business and technology realm. Below i ...